Saturday, 31 May 2014

Around the world with 6 (and counting) bookstores/bookmarkets

You may think that the tittle is too exaggerated :-) but hey... im still counting, i may have the chance to visit more bookstores or bookmarkets in many different countries yet.

These are the bookstores that i managed to get the picture so far. They are either independent bookstore or bookmarket, not that i dont like chain bookstores.

In no particular oder but im gonna start with the bookmarket from my home country Indonesia.

Blok M Square, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Ririe & Ruru
di Pasar Buku Blok M Square, Jakarta

Løvås Bruktbu, Stavanger, Norway.
Løvås Bruktbu
Pedersgata 25, 4013 Stavanger

Southbank Book Market, London, England.
Southbank bookmarket
under waterloo bridge, London

De Boekenmarkt op het Spui, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
This book market open every fridays.
1020 Amsterdam

Strand Bookstore, New York City, USA.
18 Miles of books!!
Strand Bookstore
828 Broadway, New York City

Shakespeare and Company, Paris, France.
Shakespeare and Company
37 Rue de la Bûcherie, 75005 Paris, France